Life & Business Strategies. Or HOW to reWRITE your LIFE story.

Hack your brain, change your patterns, and live up to your potential.

Stop trying to fit into a small world that has never been designed for you. 

Dare to take the steps you need to fulfill your dreams and change your story.

„Diana is a great coach whose knowledge comes first from personal experience, then study and practice. She defeated death and can guide you towards living life fully, as one who has been near that threshold and came through, to support others in their transformational journeys. 

She's a well-seasoned entrepreneur and consultant, turned into a healer of souls. 

She tackles issues with a clear eye and determination, taking you towards achieving your goals. I know her for many years as an outstanding professional figure and have always been inspired by her energy, resilience, power of achievement, and clarity of mind. Thank you.” (Cristina E.)

Few things about COACHING

What IS IT?

  • A technique as well as an art. A coach is a very well trained professional into helping others, but combining the knowledge into a unique program that guides you to your success in the best time possible and with the least effort is an art.
  • A process. Coaching takes time. Even if you produce results starting the first session, you need to give it time & energy. You need to be committed, take action, and open your mind and heart.
  • A mirror. The coach will mirror what you already have & what is already inside you: your power, your energy, your desire. A coach will help you discover resources you didn't think you had or even thought possible.


  • Advise. The coach will not tell you what to do nor his/her opinion about what is happening in your life; the coach helps you discover what you want and how to get there.
  • A recipe. A coach will not give you a pre-established solution to your problems; neither will provide you with a recipe that works for everybody. The coach will help you find YOUR OWN and BEST SOLUTION.
  • Motivational stories. Many people think that coaching is a bunch of motivational stories that make people do crazy things. Coaching is not about stories that inspire. Coaching is about action, results, transformation.

You don't have to settle for the life you live, you can live the life you want, and you can start TODAY!

Coaching can help you to...

  • get clarity
  • make a strategy that takes you to wherever you want to go
  • focus on the results
  • take action
  • know yourself better
  • have more courage and be more self-aware
  • raise your self-esteem
  • solve your problems
  • have better relationships
  • identify and change your limiting beliefs

How would that be possible?

Most of us constantly tell ourselves stories about how we are not smart enough or strong or brave, how we do not deserve or are not able.

What holds us back is rarely an inability or a lack of knowledge, power, intelligence, etc. What holds us back is, in absolutely all cases, fear. And coaching will reveal all that and take you to the next level.

Dear Diana,

Thank you for pushing me to be the best I could be and awaken me. 

As you know, when I met you, I was still looking for help to overcome a traumatizing experience. Although I value the lessons and support I had before our encounter, I have to say that I have received the most valuable and effective lessons from you.

I really felt that you understood me even when I didn't say that much. You have contributed enormously to my spiritual growth, awareness, courage, and resilience. I out of the woods! Big hug!" (Marinela D.)

"When we no longer can change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." (Viktor Frankl)

We live in a time when everything seems possible. We have almost instant access to information, and we should live the life we ​​want. However, many of us feel that life is passing by.

The avalanche of expectations from the people around us, the daily hardships, and the environment we were raised in buried our enthusiasm and drained us of energy.

Although we have decent conditions compared to previous generations, we have come to live a life full of frustrations, shortcomings, and headaches; we have lost our joy, confidence, and self-esteem.

Unfortunately, the more we continue on this track and practically lie that all is good, the longer we postpone change, the harder it is for us to change something and end up living a life that we don't like nor we would have ever thought we would.

If we look back, all the moments when we failed and felt frustrated and helpless have a common cause. They all seem to have happened according to a pattern that continues to reappear in our lives. And that's exactly what happens. We all have some "patterns" we live by. But these can change. 

If you are ready to reWRITE your life story, you are in the right place.

I warmly recommend Diana to anyone who wants to add value to their business or personal development ideas. (Luciana S.-P.)

What will you gain from working with me?

You will understand the patterns that led to whatever is happening in your life right now.​

You will learn how to remove or change them and start developing new patterns of your own choice and build new foundations for you life.​

You will create new stories, new projects, new objectives, new behaviors, new circumstances that will all lead to a new scenario and a new beginning.

You will raise your energy and boost your happiness.​

You will be more productive, more confident, more motivated.​

You will have better understanding of yourself, your life and the others, better relationships, and much more joy of living.​

You will start anew.​

You will stop bad behaviors, actions, relationships, jobs.​

But please make sure you are willing to do the work. I can help you change, but I will never be able to change instead of you. 

Coaching is a partnership. If we are going to the top of the mountain, you will need to climb with me. I will hold your hand if needed and sometimes maybe push you, but I will not be able to walk for you.

 Coaching can give you everything or nothing according to the energy you put into the process, the time you invest, and your actions. 

About me

✔ Today I am a free woman. Free from constraints, free from suffering, free from fears.

✔ Today I have people around me who love me, help me, support me, shape me, challenge me.

✔ Today,  my life's rules are my own, and no one else's.

✔ Today I am responsible for everything that happens in my life, and I take on both my successes and failures.

✔ I have helped hundreds of people to transform their lives.

✔ I have held over 1000 active coaching hours in individual and group meetings.

But 10 years ago...

I was in the same place you are right now. Or maybe even worse. 

My life was a kind of a roller coaster until 10 years ago, when I lost everything. Back in 2011 I was alone, I had no money, my business was facing bankruptcy, the bank took my house and I got severely ill. It was a very near to death experience.

That was the time when I needed to make the hardest choices of my life. But the day I left my house with a bag of clothes, a few books and a car became altogether the worst and best day I lived so far.

At the age of 34 I was not ready to die. And then my life changed.

It took me about 2 years to get back to a normal life, but not the normal I was used to before. I changed everything. My friends, my mind, my perceptions, my habits, my attitudes, my lifestyle, my food, the way I conducted my business and my life.

I worked with several people and tried about everything. Life coaching, NLP, energetic healing, nutrition, yoga, meditation. All together and separate at times.

After I got back into a normal track people started to ask me if I can help. First, I rejected the idea. But somehow „life happened” and I got back to school and learnt how to help people. I then combined my personal experience with the knowledge of my trainings into a kind of a personal system to help people faster if they get to a crisis or help them prevent the crisis.

What I can promise you is that you don't have to reach that point of losing everything.

That was my life story, it doesn't have to be yours. What I didn't know back then, I can teach you now.

It's worth getting in touch with Diana if you are willing to change and grow. Diana is oriented towards a clear goal: to bring every human being's good substance to the surface.

I warmly and confidently recommend Diana's materials and events and especially the interaction with her! (Lorelai S.)

What will you lose if you don't take action now?

☹ You can start your change now, or you can wait until life forces you to change (it was my way, so no judgment, I perfectly understand, but I hope it will not be your way).​

☹ You will not step up to the next level of your life.​

☹ You will lose time, energy, joy, and money, trying to find recipes that don't work.​

☹ You will find even more excuses for why you are unhappy and why you "can't" evolve.​

☹ You will continue to do the same things you already did, which will always bring the same results.​

☹ You will not solve the problems you have right now, and chances are you will not solve the problems that are yet to come.

☹ You will continue to feel the way you feel right now and probably worse every day to come.

COACHING is not a recipe. And it is not for everybody.

It's not for you if...

... you still (or want to) think that you can have different results doing the same things, taking the same actions, having the same behaviors, thinking the same thoughts

... you still (or want to) believe that change can or should be happening for you, and all you have to do is wait

... you still (or want to) believe that change is possible with no effort, no decision making, no action taken

... you want or hope for a recipe, a universal cure for your pain and frustration that work overnight while you sleep.

... you are used to waiting and waiting and waiting... and pray for a miracle for which you do not lift a finger... and continue to wait... 

... you still (or want to) believe that you don't need guiding, information, practice or that you know best, and you can do everything alone

... you have money for every stupid thing that you don't really need, but books and training are expensive

... happiness is related to your outer world and is related to your bank account, size of the car or home, and the clothes you wear

... you are not willing to change yourself, but you would gladly change anybody else so that they will make you happy

... you (still) blame everyone and everything for what is happening in your life and take no personal responsibility.

DON'T let your FEAR control your life!

Standing on the side of the road, contemplating, making 10 different back-up plans, and living in fear of what might happen if things go wrong, you will never know what you can do. And you will neither be closer to make a decision or move on.

Evolution does not just happen. Certainly, you cannot evolve staying in the place you know, doing the things you know, and acting the way you know. You evolve in the middle of the unknown, taking decisions, assuming risks, changing.

As bad as it might be, any decision will get closer to your dream and help you get to the next step. Not taking decisions will always hold you back and eventually get you stuck. Everything you are right now is the sum of all your past decisions. 

Ready to try?

No matter how much I will tell you about coaching, what it means, what are the gains, and what you can accomplish, the best way for you is to try and see.

I can offer you a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minutes online session. You will see if it is for you or not, and if you can work with me — no risk on your part.

You can use this session to set goals or make a plan or get clarity or have some answers to a question.

Important! You can be anywhere in this world; we connect online via ZOOM. You may be in your home or at the office, in a park, or on the street. Ensure you are alone and in a quiet environment (you don't want anybody to hear your problems or interrupt you, and you will certainly want to hear me, so make sure no noise around you).

Need any other details?

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